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Welcome to Tech4RE Class Landing Page for Sponsors.

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You can use this flyer or make your own, using whatever you want or don’t want from this flyer. The only things you MUST have on there is the official ADRE name of the class
(FLEX MLS & WORKING WITH CLIENTS) and my company name and address someplace on the flier. (I usually put it in small letters on the bottom) Other than that, manipulate anyway you want. Please send the final flyer to me so I can verify that everything looks good, as ADRE is very picky about the correct information being on there.

Tech4RE is happy to help you market the class, but keep in mind that you are responsible for the sign ups, registrations, collecting money from agents (if you choose to do so), as well as collections from other sponsors that are helping you market the class.

Below you will find the certs and sign in sheet. Please put out the sign in sheet for agents to sign in, and take down 15 minutes after class starts. Agents can still come in, but we can’t give them ADRE ce credits. Feel free to make a copy, but please give to the instructor after class. During class, please fill out the certs and put them on the back table for the agents to pick up.

Remember, you can have as many sponsors as you want to help out, and charge the agents whatever you want/don’t want.
Totally up to you, as I just charge the flat fee.

We kindly ask that you remit full payment by the end of the class. We understand that the amount could change every time as you collect fees from the agent/students, so please be prepared with a check or any major credit card to fulfill the remaining balance. If you do have to submit the invoice to corporate to be paid later, please be sure let us know in advance, and be sure the class date is written in the memo section of the check so we can apply this to the proper class.

Please confirm if there is a projector, screen or place to project, large TV and a mic if needed in a large room. We bring our own computer, and kindly ask there is a table and chair in front (and podium if one exists) for the instructor.

Print one syllabus (black/white double sided is fine) for each agent.

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