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Jeff Raskin ("Mr. Tech") recently set me up on a new computer. I am absolutely thrilled beyond words with the way my business has become revolutionized with Jeff’s help. I am a very busy agent (averaging 50 sales per year). Jeff showed me things I hadn’t dreamed of doing or just didn’t know would even be possible! Prior to the new computer and training, I had a lot of questions. Jeff answered all of my questions multiple times and he was patient and thorough each time. He is a real professional in every sense of the word. Jeff installed my new system and all of the software. When we ran into problems, Jeff knew just what to do. Besides being an incredible instructor with an amazing amount of knowledge, he is also compassionate and understanding. He took my office set up and goals into strong consideration and he made helpful suggestions for how to set up my computer. Jeff really cares about his students. He wants us to succeed with the best technology that is available! He showed me how to save documents in the Dropbox; how to work with PDF documents; how to use E-sign simply and easily and how to do everything needed for a real estate transaction without needing to print or use a scanner!! Greater still, I can do it all from wherever I happen to be. I am very grateful to Jeff and am recommending him "hands down" to any real estate agent who wants to be more proficient, more efficient and more effective. As busy as he is, Jeff returns calls quickly and keeps promises. The service he offers has an incredible value and he is worth every penny spent. Thank you, Jeff – it is awesome to know that I am using the most up-to-date and effective technology in the real estate industry. You are AMAZING. Nina Cimini

Nina Cimini

I have taken your classes at least three times and yet I always learn great time-saving tips. Today was no exception. I would encourage any agent, even an old one like me that’s been a full-time agent in AZ since 2000, to take your classes over and over again. You’re a great instructor who is on top of the latest technology and concepts. Thank you for sharing it all so generously with the rest of us.

Michele Tennyson

Jeff’s classes always amaze me. Back in the day when REO was the only game in town for an agent, Jeff exposed me to metro fax and nitro. Just those 2 items helped my office to explode our efficiency. Just this week, 6 18 Jeff sponsored 2 additional classes. His Instructor Jimmy Garcia made digital marketing so simple. Now with Jeff’s coaching, those items will take me to the next level in my other RE businesses.

Dave Franecki

Thank you Jeff. You really are one of the best teachers we have for CE courses and certainly the best technology teacher. I appreciate your time and willingness to share with other professionals. Have a great day.

Roberta Voss

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