Welcome to Tech4RE Class for Sponsors.

Becoming a sponsor is easy and will allow you to maximize your dollars while promoting your company, service or product. There are different types of sponsorships available to you.

  • Choose a class and hire Tech4RE to come to your venue, brokerage, training facility, etc. to train your agents/members.
  • Become of the sponsors for a class Tech4RE already has scheduled out.



For Option A, you simply choose the tech class you want, give us several days and times to choose from and send a request to us. We will respond back to you with confirmation of the class, locking it down on our calendars. As we simply charge a flat fee, you can charge the student/agents/members any price of your choosing as well as have as many other sponsors as you want. There is no minimum or maximum of the number of student/agent/members. If you need help with finding other non-competing sponsors or finding venues, we can help with that. We can also help with marketing the course.


We will also give you everything you need for the course, including:


  • Scheduling with ADRE (if a CE class)
  • An option to put on our website and a place for the agent student to sign up and pay (if applicable)
  • A sample marketing flier for the class. You can use the supplied flier or create your own.
         We will give you the information that is MANDATORY on the flier, including the official ADRE class name and the school name and information on the bottom of the flier
         (if applicable)
  • The sign in sheets and certificates for the course (if applicable)
  • A syllabus for the course



We will need the sign in sheet by the end of the class, but feel free to make a copy for your records.
Flat fees for the courses are:

  Hybrid In-person Zoom
3 Hours 550 500 500
2 Hours 375 350 350
90 Minutes 325 300 300
60 Minutes 225 200 200

**Fees may be added depending on travel & other considerations**

For Option B, we will give you a choice of classes, times and dates that we have already booked, that need additional non-competing sponsors. We will NEVER have more than one company from a particular field (title company, lender, home warranty, home inspector, etc.) You will be on the flier, get to pitch your company at the class for about 2-4 minutes and receive a copy of the roster of agent students who came to the seminar.

Price will vary, so please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this opportunity.